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All of my dolls receive a complete makeover from head to toe. This includes the gentle removal of all her factory paint, a brand new face, a great new hairstyle, a fabulous new original design handmade gown and all the accessories to go with it.

When painting her face, I can hardly wait to see who she will turn out to be. I always have a general idea of what I'm going for when I start painting but always allow the creative process to takes it's course. Some of the best things start with a "whoops"......... Sometimes her hair may simply be washed, conditioned and then trimmed or cut into a style. Sometimes she receives a very elaborate hairstyle which may include curling, braiding, twisting or all of the for mentioned. It all depends on what her gown calls for. And then there's the gown. For me this is where the creative process of the ooak doll starts. You can read more about this on the "about the artist" link on this website. I create all my own patterns for each original gown. Now it's time to accessorize. Fun, fun and more fun.

When the doll has received her complete makeover, it's time to name her. It's silly but I do spend some time pondering over what her name should be. I find that my dolls take on personalities as I make them and I want to give them a name that reflects what she has come to mean to me.
I Have No Affiliation With Any Doll Manufacturer.

Creating OOAK artists dolls couldn't be more fun.

Dear Visitor

Creating OOAK artists dolls couldn't be more fun! Up until the summer of 2004 I had no idea that this art form existed. It was during a search for barbie on ebay that I discovered this fascinating world. The creative possibilities were endless and thanks to some very talented artists out there I was able to give the creative proccess a shot myself. What you will see is the result of that inspiration.

I thank you for taking the time to visit and hope you come back again to see my latest creations.

Sincerely yours,
Paula Boss Kelly

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