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Ooak Fashion Doll Repaint Artist

Not very often does one find something that encompasses a majority of their likes and talents. The perfect fit, so to speak. That's what I found when I discovered the world of ooak fashion doll repaints and gowns. The perfect fit for me. The making of ooak dolls involves fashion, hair, makeup, sewing, painting and photography, all the things I really enjoy.

I was a fashion model for many years but am now on the other side of the camera working as a hair and makeup artist. I love the transformation process. Taking a person and creating a whole new look for them. What fun it is and so gratifying when people see how beautiful they really can be. And now I've found another avenue in which I can express my visions of beauty. Only this time it's in minature form. Dolls!

The creative process starts out by me getting an idea in my head for a gown. Once the gown is underway I choose a fashion doll who's overall coloring will best compliment the dress. Now it's time to create the dolls face. I choose paint colors that will compliment the overall color theme of the project and give me the facial look I'm going for. Then it's time to style the dolls hair which pulls the complete look together. Once she's finished, she's off to her photo session, from then on waiting patiently for her new owner.

I'm so glad I found this wonderful world of OOAK dolls. I would really like to express my gratitude to all the doll manufacturers who have developed and made these beautiful fashion dolls in the first place. Without their ingenuity and dedication to bring the fashion doll to the public masses, the repaint artist would have no canvas to work with. The dolls they have produced inspire and enthrall young girls and women alike. It's easy to see why people collect these wonderful creations. They are just so beautiful. I sincerely hope that you enjoy what I have created using these dolls as the foundation and canvas for my creativity. Thank you for taking the time to get to know this artist a little bit.   Paula

Since Bob Mackie is as huge an icon in the world of dolls as he is in the world of fashion, I thought for fun I'd show you a couple pictures of myself backstage at a Bob Mackie Fashion Show I modelled in. Boy can that man make a dress! You feel absolutely beautiful when you wear one of his creations. It's no wonder that people like Cher adore his designs.

Paula modeling for Bob Mackie
Paula backstage at Bob Mackie Fashion Show

I Have No Affiliation With Any Doll Manufacturer.

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